Welcome to CarStorian.

This is home to Car Stories that mingle with your family stories.  It is a place where we hope you will be entertained and informed.  This will be a great place to go before and after a car show, a place to share your tales with your family and friends.  Perhaps your memory will be reopened to times you and your family and friends rebuilt a part or all of your car.  It may have been a time you were taught about old cars and how they worked and memories cherished with grandparents or someone special.

Here at CarStorian, you can find out about old and newer cars as we move along to see what can be created through our imagination and vision.

This can be a place to supplement the learning environment for young and old.  Recall how to put a manual transmission through its paces or learn about new concepts being used by the newer crowd as with paddle shifters.  We hope to gain insight into the old and new so we can enjoy our hobby and life with cars and families.

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