Mixing Brands of Cars Into One Car

Written by Darren Rayborn

On July 12, 2018

What are your thoughts on interchanging brands; Chevy engines into a Ford body as an example? Are you a purist or like to mix and match parts to build something unique? How difficult has it been for you to either keep with the same brand or combine brands? Would a purely, single branded car or truck contain the same creativity as one that was constructed together?

I suppose I would consider myself a purist overall. I like to see the car either restored as best as the owner can or customized to their talent and dreams. Perhaps I like the idea of staying within the lane (pun intended) of their badged manufacturer.

I don’t see a need to insert an LS engine into a Porsche as an example. Is there something to the creating a modified vehicle and call it a Frankenstein?  I do find it interesting and would seem to me to be a lot of work to create the new cradle to handle the different power plant.

Now, I wouldn’t knock anyone for creating their dream vehicle in whatever configuration they come up with. We are blessed to have the imagination, tinkering knowledge and support typically to build what we come up with.

So, what are your thoughts?




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