Rebranding and Change

Written by Darren Rayborn

On December 6, 2018

CarStorian is going through a rebranding. It started a while ago, but was hard to get this moving. Why? Because of change. Over some time and quite a bit of internal debating, I have finally decided to make CarStorian a priority, which I had not done for many years.

I fully expect this change to be positive, fun and interesting, not just for myself, but for you as well. There will be ways for interaction, listing events and yes, even a podcast. As CarStorian moves along, we will see where we end up, which route we take and also listen to our friends on what hobbyists, businesses, adventures or stories you would like to see or hear about.

A part of this is to see this dream come to reality with another part to show others it can be done. It is a personal experiment to push and bring this idea from idle to full speed.

Please join me as we get this ride rolling. Share if you think it is worthwhile or if you know someone who might get a kick out of it. Maybe you would like to share your story whether it is something special from your past, a car or business you built or even remembering those relationships you haven’t thought about in quite some time. The cars might have been the catalyst, but your relationships are what mattered and gave you the stories and experiences that help to make your life special.

Thank you.

Darren Rayborn


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