Sleigh Questions About Santa and His Ride

Written by Darren Rayborn

On December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate. I thought we might have a bit of fun and see what questions the sleigh aficionado might hear about how to travel around the world. Is the sleigh an antique, resto-mod, or something out of this world? Does it run on a turbo-4-cylinder, V-8, V-12 or the infamous Flux Capacitor?? Do the reindeer actually pull him, guide him or both?

Is the sleigh full of leather trim or would the reindeer not be so happy about that? Probably an automatic with paddle shifters or something else? With changes in weather, does the roof come up automatically? Here is a body question, since it is a Phaeton, is it also a Shooting Brake?

Who maintains it? Does he let the elf mechanics toy around with it? Who engineered and built it? What generation is it and what improvements have been made?

Oh, the questions that can keep us up at night watching for the Sleigh Man and his ride. These are thoughts that come up in my mind and perhaps in yours as well. Maybe even in a child’s curiosity, to wonder how this whole idea works.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CarStorian. Enjoy this Holiday Season with your family and friends (and cars). God bless.


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