To Buy a Prototype Car or Not To Buy a Prototype?

Written by Darren Rayborn

On June 9, 2017

            Is this really such an odd question? If given the opportunity, would you buy a prototype? Would it matter to you that it was built by the manufacturer or by an outside contractor? I ask this, as there have been a couple of stories that came up on my feed this past week that were about the Ford Mustang. One was a 1965 Wagon and the other was a 1970 Mustang and had 4×4 underpinnings. Both were considered prototypes built for Ford by an outside agency.


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            Here is the Ford Mustang “Break Sport” Wagon story:


Photo from;

            Here is the Ford Mustang 4×4 story:×4-ford-mustang-surfaces-in-netherlands.html

          I think these ideas are rather interesting to consider. What was the motivation; looks, abilities, sales (of course), competition with other manufacturers? I believe it would be pretty cool to own a prototype of this nature. Not so sure I could afford a high end, one-off with a turbine engine, but this could be a great story for someone.

            Personally, I like the idea of a prototype. It is like the big boys coming up with a new idea, even if it is sent off to someone else. I know, the first story the outside firm sent it to Italy for some time, but it is a pretty cool concept. What if the average car builder or owner did something like this? Would that be considered wrong or creative? I like seeing what folks can do to give their ride their personality, using their own inspirations. I may not agree with what they come up with for my own car, but I love seeing and talking about the “why” and “how” they came up with their ideas.

So, what would you do? Would you consider something like the cars mentioned above or keep it more mainstream and along the lines of your dream car? Do you know of other prototypes? Do you own a prototype?  Let us know!!




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