Who started your automotive passion?

Written by Darren Rayborn

On December 22, 2018

Who helped start your lifelong passion for cars? Was it your grandpa or uncle? Perhaps it was your grandma, aunt or cousin? Do remember that day well? Did you see a certain car that created an incredible impression on you? Was it a poster you saw on your friend’s wall?

I have a couple of things that started it for me. I remember driving with my Uncle Dave when I was probably around 7 or 8. We were driving down a back, country road in southern Illinois and he was driving a late 60’s Ford pick-up. I remember we were doing like 80 miles an hour and scared me to death. But, there was also a bit of a rush that accompanied that scared little boy. I just was not sure how to equate it my passion.

Not long after, I recall sitting at a light in Carpentersville, Illinois and a Chevy Nova pulled up. It was loud and jacked up in the rear with big tires. The young man, more like a teenager, started revving the engine to get my Mom to drag race him. She ignored him. I, as a dutiful son said; “I would NEVER own a car like that.” She had watched me grow up with hot wheels and knew of my Dad’s love and knowledge of cars and said to me; “We shall see when you get older.” Yeah, she was right

To go back to my original question, I would have to say my Dad and his brother, my Uncle Dave. Of course, Hot Wheels and seeing hot rods, muscle cars and other cool cars just added to my beginning love of these, sometimes outrageous machines. Over the next few decades, my passion has come and gone, yet each time it comes back, it is more focused and fueled by the desire to know and learn more, enjoy and talk about these magnificent beasts. I do plan on getting back into having one (or more) of these legends in my garage one of these days.

So, who was your inspiration for your car passion? What memories do you have and would share with us and others? Your story might begin a passion in another, wouldn’t that be cool?

Thanks and chat later.




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